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TDI Advanced Trimix

The more tanks the better?! Welcome to the page about my 100m course. I've had inquiries about doing helitrox or trimix but I couldn't teach these courses yet since I was limited by my 55m extended range on air course at the time. After chatting a bit with Yvonne from Darkhorizondiving and tinkering with the idea, I decided to bite the bullet and paid the down payment for the helium. Yes, a down payment for helium! This course was going to be on open circuit and a large portion of the bill was going to be helium.

I deliberately chose not to do the math because it would hold me back ;-) Yvonne did give me an estimate which we stayed well within because of the decision to use dpv's on the two deepest dives and we had a slightly lower sac rate than what was used to do the math.

I arrived at Malta airport where Yvonne picked me up. We dropped my gear at her garage and called it a day. The following day would be a check dive regarding weights, trim, stage rigging, and my new drysuit.

Adjustments were made accordingly during the week to improve our dives. Rotating bottles got easier every time I did them and communications were spotless between the two of us. We have known each other for quite a long time now and have done many big dives together already.

We dove the same dive site, Raz il Hobz aka middle finger, every day but added 10m of depth to it every day. Ending up at exactly 100m deep. Where the reef graveyard is. Many critters that died on the reef at 40-60m would have rolled down afterward and at 100m it was littered with big seashells from cone snails and whatnot. We stayed there for roughly 4 minutes before ascending to 65m where a nice anchor is covered by corals and growth.

While we were on the scooters we had a look around and did most of our deco not being bored because we were exploring. This way the dive didn't feel long and the 109-minute runtime felt quick. It got a little bit chilly for me the last 10 minutes or so. This wouldn't have happened if we swam, but hey, can't have everything. Perhaps some luxury heating next time? The only issue would be getting the battery past customs on the plane...

After a solid 5 days of diving and a nice dive to finish it all, I achieved a pinnacle number in the technical diving community. Nothing stops me now from becoming a Trimix instructor!

© AndyAdams

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