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Equipment used for these shots

Ever since I bought the Canon 6D I really liked the system. I tried other brands but once you learn a camera's buttons you sort of want to stick to the same brand. Quick adjustments on key moments are very important when taking action shots of sharks for instance.

- Canon 6D

- Fisheye lens 8-15mm f4

- Macro lens 100mm f2.8

- 200 FL Ikelite housing for the 6D

- 2 Ikelite ds161 strobes for lighting

- Sometimes a big blue torch for autofocus during photoshoots with a model.

Recently bought a broken Canon G16 Ikelite housing for really cheap. Managed to fix the cracks. Currently holds pressure until 34 meters. So now also a smaller point-and-shoot camera to work with which has a zoom lens. Better suitable for small photo shoots when Introduction dives are taught. 

The most recent addition to videography is a DJI Drone mini.

This little drone has a powerful 3-axis gimbal stabilized HD camera. With the weight being under 250gr it is allowed to fly in most of the nature parks around the world.


With the current Covid situation, I've had plenty of time to practice. Make mistakes, progress, and managed to get some nice results already. With some practice, I feel like this can have a serious benefit to social media and website content alike! 

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