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Bali has been my 'home' since April 2017. I started out in Amed and later on I moved down the east coast towards Candidasa. A nice and relaxed dive center that provides trips to the entire East of Bali and has Nusa Penida trips.

This was nice as it opened up a lot of different dive sites for me, for both teaching and guiding, giving me lots of experiences with different locations.


Shore dives from smooth sandy beaches or ones littered with pebbles and boulders. Boat diving with small traditional jukung boats or larger speed boats for the open ocean. From small macro critters in shallow bays to the illusive Mola Molas and sharks in raging currents. There are artificial reefs everywhere and a handful of shipwrecks are available to explore at different depth levels. Bali has a lot to offer within a one-hour drive of the dive center! 


I feel very fortunate to have these incredible dive sites as my playground.

Besides having great diving, Bali is very open-minded towards tourists and lets me play with my other hobby which is my cafe racer motorbike. Some roads are amazing while they curve up the many hills and volcanoes Bali has.

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