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I always planned on doing my rebreather course. Since Helium prices are fairly high here in Indonesia, in my opinion, it's not interesting to do trimix dives on OpenCircuit.

So after I quit my previous job in Candidasa Bali, I started looking around and talking with various CCR instructors. I was not sure where I would be at the time I would do the course. If I was on Bali, it would've been the AP inspiration, if it was on Gili Trawangan it would've been on the JJ. As you can see from the photos below, I did my course in Bali with Yvonne from Darkhorizondiving

I did the course in two parts with a week break in between. Never expected I needed that break, but boy was I wrong. Frustrations towards the unit and instructor were getting the best of me and I was happy with the pause to reset and continue. Yvonne is a very determined instructor but had a different style of teaching than me. This was the first course I took after a long time of teaching and I could tell that I sometimes wanted to intervene and 'start teaching' my own style. While obviously, I was the student...

During the course, you learn how to dive the unit as broken as possible. This way you always know what to do and Yvonne made sure those split-second reaction times were there with continuous drills at various depths and moments. Now I know how my students feel during their rescue course...

To finalize it all, we did a nice boat/drift dive where we got accompanied by tunas and sharks. I very much enjoyed the course and am eager to get more hours in.

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