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Scuba Force 2 Cross over Helitrox

Coming back home didn't mean that diving would be over. Not by a long shot. I dive for the experience and if that takes 14 kg more than usual, so be it. My father had his MOD 1 planned for a little while now. When I got home he was just about to pick up his brand-new ScubaForce CCR at the factory in Germany. Of course, I tagged along to meet some of the people that work there. It was a nice morning but a pretty far drive.

Doing the course together with my father meant that we needed a second unit and luckily he knew a guy that would borrow it from us in trade for a Santi battery pack. Done deal and I had a rebreather for the course. The course conditions were no joke! Icy cold conditions gave all sorts of problems. The course itself was decent. I assumed some things were cut short because of the cold conditions making it irresponsible to push them through. Also, the whole Covid situation made meeting for gear configuration evenings very hard...

After having done the course we would switch every now and then to keep practicing with the sidemount rebreather and gaining hours (for the next level???) along the way.

It is very tricky to keep the unit under control in a sidemounted configuration. It wants to move since you're pushing air into it. I do believe that back mounted CCR's are better regarding breathing, configuration, and ease of use regarding setup. But they have been around for longer as well. The much newer Liberty from Divesoft or the KISS sidewinder apparently are already much better regarding these points if I may believe other people their opinion.

All and all a nice new toy to play with and I'm sure it will get more comfortable the warmer the water becomes and we can lose a few kilo's of weight.

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