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Scuba United

​When everything in your life has been related to diving for the past 5 years and a Covid pandemic won't stop you, you will work at a dive shop. In this case the combination of Scuba United and Scuba Repair in Westmeerbeek, Belgium.

A nice company where I learned a lot and still learn a lot about measuring and knowing everything about diving equipment. I've always dived with it and can tell you what you're going to need for your situation, but couldn't tell you why one broke faster than the other.

Fortunately, I can now! And it also has a lot of benefits for me and I notice that especially when building my latest project, the backmount SF2 rebreather. I look more critically at regulators, drysuits, hoses, and quick-release fasteners. And now also understand earlier when something needs maintenance by using it.

I learn a lot from my fellow colleagues, each in their field. And slowly my resume is growing with more and more certificates in the diving industry.


After two years of working at the shop, I learned to be a better shop manager. Sorting out paperwork, cash register, and managing all this while making the customers happy with our service is definitely a handful. 

The counter atm for serviced regulator sets is more than 170. I'm now the only person in Europe that is allowed to service Santi heating materials under warranty. Weirder and weirder repairs start coming in that are getting easier to be done. I'm also getting the hang of sewing. Started using an industrial-sized machine this year. Perhaps I'll make my own drysuit when I have the time for it.

So much teaching scuba atm. Both recreational and technical since I became an instructor on that level this year(2023).

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