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Tech in Tulamben

Just like I did a little story about the macro of Tulamben, these mucky dive sites then change when you go deeper. They become rockier and have patches of big corals with three-meter whip corals and big barrel sponges. Some of these sponges are the size of oil barrels and are estimated to be 130 years or older.

And every once in a while, stories are popping up of thresher sharks, hammerheads, and molas passing by around the sixty-meter mark. I have been tempted to go deeper but helium is very expensive here, currently €0.10/l in 2020. The next logical step to save on gas would be a rebreather.

Here are a few shots from the dives I've done around the U.S.A.T. Liberty wreck and Boga wreck. There is even one of me! These dives were done under the guidance of G. Opaal from Bigfins dive center.

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