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Technical Diving International

Another major milestone in my professional diving career, becoming a technical diving instructor.

What does this mean to me? It means that, besides my joyful and funny courses, that I now also teach a highly advanced level of diving. Through a different, not new to me, agency called TDI - Technical Diving International. Of course, we can still have fun, but the deeper we go, the less room there is for errors. Skills need to be performed more fluently, more second nature, I'd say. This way there is more brain space to work on the task at hand. The deeper you dive, the more task-loaded you get.


I pursued my technical diving with various instructors flying the same flag. I enjoyed the level of instructors I received, the theory that is taught in their books, and the cooperation I received from the European headquarters in Germany once I became an instructor for them.

I did this course with Yvonne from Darkhorizondiving. We used the facilities from GozoTechnicalDiving. Starting every day at 6 am with breakfast and then switching on the brain for 110% until 22 o'clock, was very exhausting. But very rewarding after two weeks of training. Seeing myself improve on multiple levels, but consecutively also with my student, Steve, gave me great pleasure and made me realize that I wanted to bring more people to this level of diving.

I always enjoyed seeing people grow in skill and confidence, and now with this larger course, I get to see it at an even higher level of diving. Or should I say deeper :-)

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