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photo shoot

So here we are, just got back home to cold Belgium after a failed attempt at waiting out the Covid19 era in Bali.

Somebody that is wheelchair depended heard about my photos and really wanted a little photo shoot with me. I did one dive beforehand to get used to the drysuit, heavier tanks, and other gear. Just to get the hang of diving drysuit after a full year in a 5mm wetsuit with an aluminum 80cft.

I also never dove with a handicapped person before and from stories I heard everyone is different. In Lisbet's case, she has lost feelings in both legs after an accident.

I met Lisbet and we had a small chat about the way we would dive. My father would help out with the wheelchair using a lift bag and my mother would be Lisbet's dive buddy.

Once we swam to a nice little open spot, I started taking pictures naturally. I didn't want a forced position to work and we just went with the flow. Taking a break in between every pose. Diving in a full drysuit with full weight pockets is exhausting. Especially if you can only use your hands to swim. Air depleted quickly, for Lisbet, but also for me who wasn't used to the cold water yet...

I think for a 'quick' photo shoot, the results are there and also received some online media traction. The girlsthatscuba post went over 3000 likes and there was a full page in the newspaper about it.

A fun start to the new chapter, which is diving back into colder waters.

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